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embark on your own green journey. revamp the unloved and mundane into something much more useful or beautiful and creative.

The Company

flowers & leaves was born from the need to upcycle materials that will not be used again and are “wasted”.

combining fashion with fine materials and environmental ethics, “industrial wastes” acquire a new purpose. they are transformed into high quality, unique and diverse products for you and society as a whole.

moreover, we are working hard to incorporate a zero-waste approach in our company. that is giving our products a handmade character and a non-recurring look.

flowers & leaves products hold a part of us, trusting that it will always be different, it will always be diverse, it will always be unique.

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Our Mission

flowers & leaves’ mission is to regenerate design culture. this is when the end products are cleaner, healthier, and have a greater value than the material inputs.

by keeping our faith in the project of reusing industrial materials strong, we began the transformation of turning waste into high quality products.

we dig and we collect materials, only to create diverse and unique products. anything that is wasted and will not be used again, portrays our canvas. we are creatively reusing materials without degrading the quality and composition for their next use. we take materials that are no longer in use and give them new function -a second life.

The Founder

since 2015 I had this name in my mind, “flowers & leaves”. two Seasons, two Collections. flowers for Spring & leaves for Fall .it is when the whole industry of fashion introduces new collections. fashion is my passion since I started being a member of this industry.  I always wanted to create products not just for a season but for a year or even more, for decades.

travelling the globe and meeting different people with different cultures, visiting production units and participating into their production processes, I realized that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. with a big heart for upcycling and creative design, flowers & leaves started to have a scope. upcycling, started from being a simple habit, became a mission and a vision. this is my green journey for timeless and creative products.

flowers & leaves is me, is you, is us

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